"Merry Christmas!!!!"

We hear it so many times that it simply becomes words that we say. We think we have to say them! It's true, we should give the wish of a merry Christmas to everyone, but I don't want to lose sight of what it means?
It doesn't mean gifts & lights. It really doesn't mean that we will be "home for Christmas", because "home" is where the ones you love are at... and as long as you're together, time & place doesn't matter. It doesn't mean a fancy tree or snow on the ground. No, none of that is what "Merry Christmas!" means.
Merry Christmas means, I am joyful about Jesus birth!

I know the circumstances of my life, but I also know the Savior of my life so...Merry Christmas!
I know the pain & problems of my life, but I also know the Prince of Peace is in my life so... Merry Christmas!
Yes, I even know the future will have ups & downs. And, sometimes it will seem like more "downs" than "ups", but I still have the Joy of Jesus in my life!!

So, Merry Christmas!!!


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