Sometimes teenagers feel helpless and useless in the church. Especially if they happen to attend a church where there is a small youth group! Or, maybe they are the youth group!! 1 and no more!! But, John tells the story of Lazarus death and resurrection in chapter 11. And buried in that story is an encouraging fact for these teenagers!

John said that Mary & Martha "sent unto Him". They sent a messenger to Jesus to tell Him that Lazarus was dying. In Bible days messengers were usually young teenage boys! He runs to tell Jesus what is happening and to ask Him to come help. At first, it seems like he failed! Jesus didn't come! But, He did arrive and many miracles took place! Lazarus was healed, Mary was changed and Marthas faith was revived! And it all started because of one teenager who got ahold of Jesus!!

Maybe a teen that is reading this feels like they aren't able to do much for God. Or, you feel useless in your church. Sometimes young people get discouraged in their walk with God and even think about quitting! Many do quit! But, God was pulled to this situation by a teenager! Just one boy who got Jesus to show up and do miracles and bring life back to a dead situation!

Young person, God wants to use you!! No doubt about it...There is power in just one teenager who decides to get ahold of God! Maybe you need a miracle in your family, or a school situation or even in your dying or struggling home church! Why don't you be the one to reach out to Jesus? Tell Him what's going on and how bad you need him to show up quickly!

There is power in 1 teenager who will do their best to get ahold of God for their bad situation!!

Hey teenager...Try it! You may be the messenger that gets through to Jesus!! Wouldn't it be awesome to be the one God used to start a revival in your church? Or, the one that touched Jesus for a miracle in your family or parents lives? Awesome!! And, Jesus could simply be waiting on you!! So, start running!! Get to Jesus!!


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