F. W. Faber said, "Whenever the sounds of the world die out in the soul, then we hear the whisperings of God."

Have you noticed there are times in your life when it seems that you just cannot hear the voice of God? It seems as if He has become distant. Your prayers no longer seem to be heard. These moments of seeming silence are very important. What you do in these times will either make or break you as a spiritual man or woman of God.
I encourage you...
A. To keep praying!
Even when it seems to be a futile effort, don't stop praying!! Sometimes it seems that the situations of life get worse the more you pray. But don't stop! I believe it was Bro. Ben Shaw who was approached by a church member at Fairland Holiness Church and asked him what to do when it seemed as if prayer wasn't working and it was with great effort that they persevered in prayer. The advice given was that God surely appreciated their faithfulness in prayer when it seemed fruitless and they were diligent when it was difficult. God will bless the prayer warrior who remains faithful to prayer. So, keep praying!

Also, I encourage you to...
B. Silence the distracting noises in your life!
Sometimes, we can't hear Gods voice because everything else has become so loud! Faber continued, "...He is always whispering to us, only we don't always hear because of the noise, hurry, and distractions which life causes as it rushes on."
Today, pray again. Even if you feel it is not working. And silence all the distracting noises of life in this world! Turn the radio off, put down that book, or hang up the phone. You may be amazed at how loud the voice of God is in your heart again!! Elijah heard the still small voice when the noise of the howling wind, the rumble of the shaking world and roaring of the fire were all silenced in his life. Silence everything else and listen. He's whispering right now.